I’m sitting here trying to squeeze everything out of these last days of summer, one last Linen Loop on the hook in the softest pink, my fading peony memories are replaced by little crocheted blooms, I’m both ready and not ready, nevertheless the little maiden in the alpine weather house is forcasting cooler studio days ahead. 💕

6 thoughts on “9/7/19

  1. That linen loop is spectacular so soft and airy 💗 I don’t want summer to end although it will still be hot up here for another month or so…then we will be excited to knit all things fall and eat all things pumpkin 🎃


    1. It’s already cooler here, but I’m sure there will still be some sweaty days though! I had to talk myself out of buying the giant pumpkin pie at Costco last week, I was startled and excited to see it this early! 😍🍊


  2. I love fall. I just weeded all out and did some pruning. Next week I am going to split up 8 daylilies and the clean up made space for the new ones . Whole house is repainted except kitchen is on hold till thurs day to finish painting. Then backsplash.
    I see some winter coals being started for a 4yr old 5yrold and 8 yr old. When all this painstaking clean up house is done.



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