Bunny Love

It started as a little idea, a tiny rosebud chocolate baby bunny (a hand sculpted clay stitch marker for my knitting be exact).

I loved them so much I made more!

..and more!

Then my tiny rosebuds grew up, and became these cute chubby bowtied bunny blobs!

..and then they multiplied!

Then my cute chubby bowtied bunny blobs grew up, and became these classic bowtied bunnies of my dreams, and childhood!

..and then they multiplied by two..

..then four..

..then six..

I’ve become overrun with sweetness!

So much bunny love 💕

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

p.s my etsy shop is stocked if you’d like your very own handmade bunny!

4 thoughts on “Bunny Love

  1. Eeek….they look yummy 😋 I love the sweet first ones also and the ice cream cone 🍦 you are so talented AO 💗


  2. Oh,my! love your bunnies! I just made two “chocolate” bunnies knitted from a brown wool square for my “grandkids” and stuffed them with catnip. Did I mention my “grandkids” are kittens?



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