Proper Motion

A new design, Proper Motion!

I completely LOVED working with Cestari dk, a wonderfully soft cotton with just a hint of wool I fell hard for the muted color palette that it’s offered in.

© AMANDA OCHOCKI Proper Motion shophop 2015 (1)

A few things:

I wanted to design a sophisticated cowl with fantastic structure, but also wanted it simple, enduring and classic.

Even though I prefer to wear it loose (no tie) I wanted an optional cord for gathering it into lovely pleats, either horizontally or vertically.

I wanted it deep and full and for it to breathe beachy summer when worn over a tank top or tee, but still be beautiful when worn in spring, fall and winter.

A Few More Things:

The size is completely adjustable in length and depth (as written, it measures 15” x 42”)

I think this would be beautiful in fingering weight ..or lace weight ..or worsted weight ..or even all the way up to chunky!

Proper Motion is the measurement or observed motion of celestial bodies (stars) relative to the imaginary fixed background of other more distant stars over a period of many many years or centuries.

♥ I hope you love it xoxo!

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