hum ..randomly interesting

With the main bread/toast eater in the house away, its been awhile between making loaves and it’s showing. I made a man, a freaky man face made of bread, aka bread troll. I hope this never happens again!

Honestly challenging, but still somehow really easy, maybe not so much challenging, but just required more of my concentration (which is still scarily absent) it turned out more gorgeous than I ever expected my mental focusing skills would allow.

My burly sweater makes me look like a boohbah.

I am still mystified at the construction of the Frost On Leaves hat by Midori Hirose, you are never working with more than one color per row and yet magically get this super pretty, two color leafy brioche!

In the midst of trying to unclutter my upstairs crap (well it started with deciding to container all of Alexa’s sheet sets in the linen/soap closet and accidentally stumbling onto a tub of random craft stuff). I somehow became completely swallowed up in a dusty art room overhaul. Still stuck in the middle of it (slightly stalled) but several hauls have been made to the recycling center and charity shops. I have so many ex-hobbies and supplies that are just not getting used, it’s time to clear out some of that old cluster and make my space more inspiring.

Well I can never make a drop off at the charity shop without making a run in (this is probably most of my clutter problem :)  I burst into laughter when I stumbled across these, a smack in the face right at eye level! YIKES ..two great things that DO NOT go great together! Admittedly this shop has in the past had some questionable things for sale, it’s not unusual to see a single roll of unwrapped T.P tagged or a baggie stuffed with 7 maxi pads ..anyone in need of a half used box of press on nails for your toes? ..I never even knew these existed!

One thought on “hum ..randomly interesting

  1. Bread troll man! Freaky Boobie tassels, awesome hats, and a glimpse inside your Art room!!!! Such a delight of photography….I feel like I got a special peek inside your windows.
    Not unlike a peeping Tom….lol



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