party on

We survived the graduation party mentally and physically! Everyone loved the chili in a bag, the root beer keg was AWESOME (& emptied) and the giant sour pickles were a huge hit too, but we are tired and so very glad we only have to do this once.

(Everyone was shocked to find out the chili was vegetarian, let me tell you, we make the absolute best homemade chili ..just sayin.)

The week before Alexa and I had great fun making huge tissue paper pom-poms and putting together large luminary stars, we lightly tinted them with fluorescent spray paint, I was the “holder” and Lex was the sprayer and somehow I ended up with an electric green and hot pink speckled arms! Dark pink, light pink and white gerbera daisies filled the window boxes, the old house has never looked so quaint and enchanting. It was such a treat visiting with all our guests, reminiscing about sweet little Alexa, it couldn’t have been more perfect! …well maybe if I would have remembered to take photos!

The only photo taken was after the party tear down, I am leaving my crocheted granny bunting up as a permanent “party” porch fixture least until the squirrels eat it off!

The excellent granny bunting pattern is from here.

As an post party treat and for a bit of nostalgia, we took Lex to a arcade called Rusty Quarters and got our 80’s game freak on, Alexa took 2nd high score on BUST-A-MOVE and got slightly confused playing burgertime!

The flashing lights mesemerized us, the cheesy audio riffs made us laugh and the sweaty palm, wild flipper slaps made our hearts race! Instant flashbacks to a time when top scores drew a crowd and you would have to line your quarter up on the glass to claim your turn on the machine. Jason and I decided we really NEED to get a pinball machine! Neither one of us were wizards, but dang it was a fantastic afternoon of good cheap fun.

Do you remember when every town no matter how big or small had an arcade or at the very least a few machines in a dark corner!

2 thoughts on “party on

  1. Congratulations to Alexa! I’m so happy you shared the photo of her from the invitation Amanda, she is beautiful. Now……what?……chili in a bag???? Sounds like the party was a lot of fun and work. Oh and the sweet bunting should stay up all summer for sure. :-)


    1. Yes chili in a bag! …basically you make chili (I made TON) and then you take an single serving sized bag of fritos corn chips, pop it open and spoon in a heap of chili, top it with cheese, sour cream and green onions, grab a utensil and eat it right out of the bag! (less dishes!) :D We do the same thing with tacos too, using individual snack sized bags of doritos, scoop in some taco filling, add cheese, tomato, lettuce, really any of your favorite toppings and eat it out of the bag! It’s great for feeding a crowd or when balancing plates and bowls would be a hassle (the bag changes more involved sit-down foods, into perfect on the go foods) ..I have seen vendors at outdoor markets and festivals that sell “bag” meals as a convenient, mess free way to eat while walking around! YUM!



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