Dishcloth Diva & GIVEAWAY

I don’t know if I would classify myself as a diva, but I am someone who is very passionate about utilitarian splendor and kitchen makes, quality over quantity, and the simple life choice that I want to wake up and fill my day with beautiful things that bring me lots & lots of happy.  

I don’t think practical knits like dishcloths are always given the admiration they merit, they don’t have to be ugly or boring to be useful and least of all they don’t have to be store bought!

…they can be durable, well made, extremely ornate and lovely or basic brawn and beautifully simple. Worked in lush colors or clean neutrals all while doing a pretty fantastic and far superior job scrubbing off the supper muck or tenderly wiping sweet baby cheeks!

When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing Deb Buckingham’s newest book Dishcloth Diva (Here is the Ravelry link as well :) I couldn’t pass it up, I wouldn’t ..a book dedicated to dishcloths ..DISHCLOTHS! With a foreword form Kay Gardiner! (um, YES please! ..seriously ..ok maybe I have a secret desire to be a kitchen diva!)

I couldn’t wait to look it over, I have always been impressed with Deb’s fresh modern style of designing and can completely relate to the love of home knits.

The book is bursting with artistic structure and visually engaging patterns, 20 original cloths with classic simple combinations of stitches, that produce deliciously bold textural wonders, all while remaining stylistically clean. They have the perfect combination of contemporary elegance and farmhouse charm. 

The thing with handmade dishcloths, you either get it or you don’t ..I hope you do & I hope you have it real bad!

The most inspiring and marvelous reason to knit everyday useful objects, is that with my hands, a ball of cotton or linen and a few hours of pleasure, I end up with something you can’t buy in a store, in the colors that are perfectly me. I will always have the best gifts, the cleanest dishes, the softest washcloths and the soundest mind.

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED The very generous (awesome and all sorts of good) publishing house that is Cooperative Press has offered up a FREE digital copy of Dishcloth Diva to one of you! So if you would like a chance to get in on the show, this is how it will work, leave a lovely comment or favorite story about (me & my blog, the book, dishcloths, or life the universe and everything) from now until midnight (central time) Friday Nov 16th  2012 and you will be entered in the drawing! (I will announce/email the lucky winner on the 17th !)

P.S  I am going to refrain from replying to your comments to avoid messing with the random number thingy ..but just know I am reading them & loving it!

Congratulations RaeA, random chose you! I have sent an email to you asking where you would like to receive your ebook! (The message went to the mail account you used to leave your comment) You can just respond to that email, send another (by using the contact button), or even message me on Ravelry (chalklegs). I look forward to hearing from you and hope you love the ebook!

A BIG Thank You to all who played (my first giveaway ever!), your lovely comments & stories were wonderful and helped me to realize I wasn’t the only dishcloth freak, or the only one reading this blog

Stop by anytime, it’s good to have you here

35 thoughts on “Dishcloth Diva & GIVEAWAY

  1. I really like the patterns you’ve shown. I knit a few dish cloths earlier this year when I picked up knitting in ernest. My grandmother taught me how to crochet but I wanted to make items I could wear and I just don’t care for the look of crocheted clothing. So I purchased some needles and some patterns and followed videos from YouTube. I’m getting better everyday and I’ve started making my first shrug and first pair of socks. The socks have been particularly trying, I’ve ripped them out and started over twice now…but I’m not giving up!

  2. The patterns you’ve shown are lovely. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8 years old, probably to keep me occupied as I was probably in need of something to do!! I have been knitting ever since. Dish cloths are one of my favorites. Love your blog and the very creative projects you produce.

  3. I love these patterns! Knitting is one of the things that truly helps with my anxiety/panic attacks, and dish cloths are my go to pattern when I just need to knit. It also helps that my mother is impossible to knit for, but dish cloths are always the safe answer. The stitch patterns I have seen so far for the book, are just full on clever and gorgeous!

  4. Here is a story about Amanda: no matter which one we have (annual dishcloth swap, Winter wonder scrubbies swap, annual potholder swap) – people are always fighting to get one of hers!

  5. Dishcloths, Facecloths, Floor Cloths, Dusting Cloths and who knows what cloths – what marvelous useful things these are! I seldom buy any cleaning sponges, wipes, pouffs or whatever since I started making these washable, resuable items! Knitting a new pattern and finding a use for it is one of my favorite things.

  6. What perfect timing! My son just got his first (real) job and will be moving into his first apartment in a few weeks. It would be lovely to send a few homemade dishcloths with him; something to remind him of home and his (obsessively knitting!) mom.

  7. I was bored with my Knitting so while browsing Ravelry for ideas came upon Debs Dishcloths group, I have Knit a Dishcloth a day since finding Deb. They are great for passing the time in waiting rooms and whilst Hubby is driving. I do like the Waffle Pattern. People in the waiting rooms well two different ladies came up and said I have knit a Scarf using that pattern. Thanks for starting this group Deb. I am going to start the Chevron pattern today Valerie

  8. Oh boy! I love everything about you, Amanda! Your colors, visuals, and handiwork are just amazing. I simply could not pick which is my favorite because you ROCK in everything you do!
    Love this dishcloth, the pattern is gorgeous!

  9. I’m a fairly new knitter, although I’ve crocheted for years. I started learning on washcloths, but now even though I’ve moved on to other projects, I’m still addicted to making more! They’re the perfect go to, easy and portable project! I’m making dishcloths/washcloths for my family as Christmas presents this year. I hope they appreciate them!

  10. I am loving those patterns! I will definitely seek out the book.
    Also, I am copying your quote, printing it out, and keeping it in my knitting bag!!

    “I will always have the best gifts, the cleanest dishes, the softest washcloths and the soundest mind.” — chalklegs

  11. Lovely site, great idea, and the book looks like such fun! Great for creative gifts. Everyone loves great cloths.

  12. Knitting dishcloths is great therapy, I agree they make the best gifts with a bar of homemade soap. These patterns look like a nice new collection of interesting clothes to make.
    Chalklegs blog, photography and subject matter are always an inspiration to me. Keep it coming girl, you have a great fan base. ♥ Dona

  13. I just looked up this book on Ravelry and there are some really nice patterns in it! I’d definitely like to make some of these for gift giving.

  14. These are wonderful. I knit dishclothes for my MIL every year for Christmas, her birthday, her anniversary, etc. She asks specially for them. I also have a work friend whom I have taught to knit who just discovered how relaxing dishcloth knitting is!

  15. I love dishcloths and knitting them. They are the best in the kitchen and make great gifts. I am going to check this book out.

  16. I haven’t made a dishcloth or potholder for years! They were all I was able to make when I first learned to crochet aged 8 (37 years ago now) and I only wanted to do more exciting things. Well, these look exciting! Maybe I should get back into to making some knitted dishcloths!

  17. Well, you know how I love all your beautiful work, and how I think you’re the “BOMB”. I don’t use that word, but thought I would today, haha. And you know how I love to bug too when it comes to knitting, LOL. I’d like to enter to win the free copy.

  18. What a great alternative to swatting! I hate wasting yarn. So, why not just make a really big swatch/dishcloth? It will give you a more realistic idea of the true gauge and hand of the finished fabric, too.

  19. I have washed the middles out of all of my knitted dishcloths and desperately need some inspiring patterns such as these to motivate me to knit more! I too have a love of handmade dishcloths, mine is an eco bent, I love anything that can be washed and reused. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely collection of patterns.

  20. I never thought about making dishcloths until my partner brought up the crocheted dishcloths her mother used. She asked if I could make her some – and dishcloth mania took over. She will never run out of crocheted and knitted dishcloths and I’ve moved on to gifting them to friends and family. This book would be perfect for me!

  21. Dishcloths and washcloths are projects I try to keep up with, but as quickly as I fill my giftbox, they are quickly bundled up into gifts for friends and family along with a pretty soap or two. So versatile! I’ve gifted them with a bar of handmade soap for the bath, with organic liquid soap for the kitchen, facial scrub for teens and even along with baby soap at a shower. As a result, I consider knitting or designing dishcloths a great use of my crafting time!

  22. I love dishcloths. They remind me of my childhood and especially my Mom. I have knitted a few and given them away. The folks who receive them are in awe and thankful…some won’t use them explaining to me that they are ‘too pretty’. I can see a knitting fest and gift giving of dishcloths if I were to be fortunate enough to win this book.

  23. I went to Ravelry and looked at all the patterns in the book and they are awesome! Truly inspired. Your review both here and on Ravelry does the book justice. I love your sense of humor. I also noticed that you had knit some of the cloths pictured. The two of you make a good team.

  24. I have been making dishclothes again for a church mission project. The designs posted are beautiful. I like to make the clothes interesting.

  25. Up to now I hadn’t really considered knitting dish cloths but after previewing the patterns I must say I’m really intrigued. I would love a copy of the ebook.

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