this year I will be GRAND

I am not one for making resolutions, unless they are kind of generically broad, like “I will do more good, I will be more sweet to myself & others, I will slow myself and enjoy the moment”. I don’t like to feel guilty, disappointed or promote self-loathing, so pushing self-awareness and enlightenment work for me. I’m imperfect & that is perfect.

Just one more thing with regards to 2012, this year I will be GRAND, lets all do that, ok?!

Going through some of my vintage pattern books, I stumbled across an old favorite, Lily book No.59, Potholders & Oven mitts. I love this little house so much! When I first got this booklet it was one of the first thing I made.

Looking back at my Ravelry project page for it, I noticed that I made it almost exactly 1 year ago (1/2/11) I never got a chance to share it then, but I want to now, because it’s just too sweet and if you don’t happen to have the old stinky booklet, no worries it’s available for free right here! (P.S I linked it up on the Ravelry pattern page too :)

Notes: Clever roof construction, you work double roofs & houses and only face the front with the appliqué elements, the little chimney is slipped between when sewing the front and back roofs together, pattern calls for a hidden bone ring in the back, but I worked a chain hang-loop…so kitschy , little gnome hobbit house, the pattern calls for worsted wt for the roof & house and 6 strand floss for the windows and such.

Be good to yourself. Be GRAND in 2012!

One thought on “this year I will be GRAND

  1. I made scads of these umpteen years ago for Christmas gifts, but didn’t make any for myself. I am in the middle of making some for my new kitchen and I can only hope they turn out as cute as yours! Thanks for posting!



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