I’m always finding myself twisting things up a bit, sometimes taking an already good idea and making it fit my requirements.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Every now and then I will look back at things I’ve done and say “wow I made that, really, me, I am so fantastic and then there are times I look back and want to burn it to hide all evidence that it was ever associated to me. I’m sure everyone can relate.

This is one such good twist, I wanted to make my mom something to keep her warm, that would stay on and not unfurl while she moved, I wanted something classic and graceful, I wanted something versatile that she could wear a couple of different ways.

I chose a cowl, well specifically the Honey Cowl because it has great texture, it’s substantial, nice & big. The only problem was a colossal oversized cowl would swallow mom whole.

To remedy this, I cast on 220 sts and only worked the pattern for 6” before knitting 3 rounds & binding off, this kept it on the skinny side, all while still being able to wear it long as one loop or double it up.

Using the leftover yarn, I knit a 38” I-cord, so she could tie it up on the side to tame it down if it started to swallow her. (this little tie turned out to be my favorite part of this cowl)

I love the look, I am thinking of so many simple cowls that this would add that perfect little amount of different too. You could add an splash of color just by making your cord out of a contrast yarn or a pom-pom ended cord would be adorable. Maybe even a braid! You could have one really elaborate cowl with an array of swap out ties to change up the look whenever you wanted.

Another good twist, when a pattern calls for bulky or super bulky yarn and you just don’t have any or you cant find the colors you want, you can just hold 3 or 4 strands of worsted together. Don’t you just love the fantastic stitch definition you get when using thick yarn, it makes my eyes so happy! I held 3 strands of worsted weight together for the pale blue scarf and 4 strands together on the multicolor freak out.

The freak out might be classified as a bad twist! The only disadvantage to crocheting with 3 or 4 strands as opposed to 1 lofty bulky strand is the over all weight of the scarf, they are a bit burly.

Pattern: 2 meter scarf by Mel P Designs.

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