I don’t think I look at life through rose colored glasses, in fact I know I don’t. Dare I even admit,I probably always look at everything with my super particular and overly picky spectacles on. They say “don’t sweat the small stuff” but sometimes I still do, how can I not.  My theory is, if I didn’t sweat the small stuff in my life some of the time, I probably would never notice or truly realize the quiet simple splendor of the small stuff in other parts of my life. 


The Koigu I received in the mail last week, looks as if it was dyed to match my little blue bowl of toasted pumpkin seeds (which happened to also be roasted last week). Shockingly, I was the only one in the house to notice or care about this amazing act of color kismet. Anyone who buys yarn online knows tints and colors can vary wildly from what you were expecting, which makes this even more of an event!


Yes, I will always know when you don’t put something back where it belongs, but that also means I will always notice and appreciate the subtle bits of goodness you do, when you think nobody is watching.

The people who love you, will love you always, because you are a perfectly fussy shade of you.


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