What’s been keeping you?

Sweet Cream Shawl Thoroughly love struck lace, unbelievably flawless shaping all tenderly grounded with beautifully substantial garter …utter perfection in wool. Pattern: Tiger Lily Shawl Pink Sugar Frais I am crazy sweet on this double brimmed, subtle waffle textured, buttery soft, bubblegum colored hat made of SUGAR! Pattern: frais Double Frosting Delicious pattern meets perfectlyContinue reading “What’s been keeping you?”

a little christmas

Lex is finally home, it was well after 11pm when Jason and I arrived at the tiny (most utterly charming) depot to pick her up. It was completely empty when we arrived, the night was bitterly crisp, but the little station built in the early 1900s was so warm and cozy. Like children we excitedly ran out onto the platform with every phantom train sound we heard,Continue reading “a little christmas”

One shawl two different ways.

For my sister ♡ Pattern: Autumn Waltz Shawl by Yuliya Tkacheva. For my mom ♡ A heathered white running with every color, makes the shading so beautifully earthy, muddy and faded, it also reminds me of the monarch butterflies which fill the trees in my parents yard every autumn. Worked the Autumn Waltz pattern as written,Continue reading “One shawl two different ways.”