these colors & that cat đź’•


Kiki is our sometimes sweet\sometimes salty, cranky old lady cat. We adopted her three years ago when she was 8, and it took over a year for her to find her purr. She had a rough life before us, and has a chipped fang to prove how hard knock she was. She tucks in, fetches on her own terms, drives a homemade cat bus and is obsessed with bags. Lovingly known as the dark bite, baby kaiju, misses poopy butthole or baby godzilla, she’s oversized, on a restricted holistic diet (so she’s always a little hangry), lumpy, full of tortitude and mostly black (but for a few cream blotches, pink toe beans and in the right light some cinnamon patches). She lurks in the shadows and dark corners because she’s a creeper ..and because she has an eye condition that keeps her pupils always dilated, so in addition to always being big eyes adorable, she sometimes completely loses her mind thinking she sees things (which is also kinda aborable đź’•).

“you are not a bad cat.
You are not a good cat.
You are good and bad.
And bad and good.
You are a mixed-up cat.
What you need is a good home.
Then you will be good.’ ”
― Esther AverillThe Fire Cat

2 thoughts on “these colors & that cat đź’•

  1. The Fire Cat! we’ve known each other a long, long time. He’s imperfect… flawed…but incredibly brave and desperate to make good. He comes from a rough childhood and he has trouble fitting in, always prickly and easily offended. He’s got a major case of hero worship (the Fire Chief) and I’ve always been grateful that he didn’t fall in with a bad crowd. His story could easily have been a tragic one.

    Also, I ship Joe and Mrs. Goodkind. I always thought they liked each other. Just me?

    Kiki looks awesome! I like to hear about complicated cats finding happiness. Just like…the Fire Cat!



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