feeling fall

Life is good and feeling every bit of fall. ♥

Enjoying the shifting light in the studio.


..but I’m super annoyed with these f’ing forever crunchy pears.

I’m a year round maker, but knitting in the fall is always extra cozy.

The Öljett hat had me at the decreases and because of that I decided to use a single strand of worsted weight tweed to keep them the focus. (The pattern suggests using two colors of fingering weight held double for a marled look.)

A few other things to remember for the next one:

Other than the yarn, I followed the pattern exact.

I didn’t need to block it at all.

Next time I may use a tubular cast on, it’s not loose but not as stretchy good as it could be.

It has a bit of slouch, could easily take an 1”-2” off the body section for a closer fit.

Top loop is crocheted and added afterwards. Next time work icord over 3sts before closing, that way it’s all attached.

3 thoughts on “feeling fall

    1. ghads I am so bad at replying .. I was trying to ripen them in the window, but they would not soften up one bit! Finally we gave in a crunched our way tastelessly through them (they had zero pear flavor :/


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