a little bit of may crochet 💕

A little bit of travel crochet in my favorite bag with my favorite yarn. Somehow I wonked up my foot on our annual Boston adventure ..blurg :/ But now that we’re home I’m basically living the old lady life in compression stockings & icepacks, 100% lazing on the couch 100% of the time trying to heal ..being all sorts of immobile, somewhat cranky and so very crafty 💕

A little bit of sink crochet, finishing up some overdue wips in the brand new sink Jason & I installed and made work! ..and unbelievably yes, water actually comes out of everywhere it’s supposed to and not to toot our own horn, but it effectively drains as well! ..though true to form for these non-DIYers it was a comical absurdity of swears & errors 💕

A little bit of baby crochet ..no babies, but shop samples and sweet as can be 💕

A little bit of granny crochet the potamus way, one of the very first softies I ever made and still an all time favorite 💕

You know you were gone too long when crabby kiki does a faceplant in your lap just because she missed you that much 💕

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