Making Babies

I really don’t know what came over me, but I just knit a baby! ..not a funny shaped amigurumi baby, not a tiny toy baby, but a real full size creepy cute flesh baby with a belly button and a sweet little bum!

I joined in on a knitalong using the brilliant and delightfully beautiful Constance pattern from Rhiannon McCulloch (on Ravelry) also of Theatre of I loved knitting this up, the design is easy to work, with amazing details. Short rows give baby contours and top stitches bring out the features. The pattern even includes instructions for the diaper.

She is worked flat and then seamed together, I will admit I felt a little daunted at the idea of seaming her up, what if she’s all wonky, what if I totally screw her up ..well it wasn’t bad at all once I got on with it, I just went through the instructions row by row and it was so doable not dauntable.

At some point during construction, my Constance became a boy, he looks like a little bald Benjamin Button / Charlie Brown block head and is so utterly & completely adorable.

All together it used roughly 450 yards of light worsted weight recycled cotton yarn, worked with 3.25mm needles and measures right around 23” from head to toe.

His name is Herbert ..herbie, bert or herb for short. ♥

Dressed up as a little man he kind of has a tiny bit of Bunsen Honeydew / baby time lord look about him too, his eyes follow you wherever you go!

9 thoughts on “Making Babies

  1. It’s awesome to see a finished “Constance” (love the name Herbert) I actually started this pattern a while ago but got distracted by all my other projects! I got the pattern from Craftsy, where there were also some outfits, are you going to knit more clothes for the baby? He’s pretty cute just in his nappy.


    1. She does have some pretty fantastic clothes patterns for it the little striped nightgown and cap!♥! ..Herbert might have to waver between the genders from time to time, because of all the cute outfits!


  2. Goodness me, that’s amazing! I didn’t even realise it was knitted from the first picture. Maybe you’re just starting something? First knitted babies and then…?



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