Rainy Season

Living in Minnesota we usually get to enjoy a pleasant variety of weather, yes we have our fair share of bitter cold winters, but we also have warm springs, lush summers and crisp falls.  But last night we had a monsoon style downpour so sever, parts of my little town were flooded, we had over 9” fall in 6+ hours!  The swan park was underwater and as the water receded it left behind huge sandbars & downed trees (the swans didn’t seem to mind at all). The local canoe/kayak rental had a few boats go down river, there are some houses along the banks that had to be sandbagged & I am sure there is crop damage as some of the farm fields are pools now.

Historic downtown is on high ground, so the old limestone buildings & most businesses were unharmed, I am sure the winery & deli and other local shops are benefiting from the swarm of people coming in to take a look at the scene. There have been news helicopters flying overhead all day, I even saw the Ice cream cart being pedaled around town!

We didn’t have too much damage at our house, we have a little mudroom off the back of the house, that is all glass windows and that got a little water inside, due to the rain coming in sideways & filling the sills!  We had a washout in the garden (the cat grass & catmint were submerged!! bijou our bitchy kitty will be very disappointed!)

My little town is also the trail head for one of the Midwest’s premier bike trails & last night we were suppose to be hosting the Nature Valley Grand Prix Road Race, where thousands of bicyclists come in, to challenge themselves on the scenic country circuit. Downtown was bustling last night, but they ended up canceling the race because of the downpours that were just starting right around race time.

More rain is expected tonight & tomorrow ..this drenching is only good for the hundred year oaks in the front yard & for collecting rainwater for soap making!

I don’t do disaster pictures, so tonight you only get words :)



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