Potholders on Parade

Time for a little kitschy kitchen crochet!

With the upcoming potholder swap, I’ve had potholder on the brain! Well, more so than normal! Although I havent completely settled on a pattern just yet, I’ve been busy in the test kitchen so to speak. I really love to use old patterns from the 30’s – 70’s leaning towards the more obscure & having fun with color or lack there of.  I have to love what I’m making so much, that it’s hard to let it go, otherwise how could I possibly enjoy working on it in the first place! 

I don’t (well rarely) do requests, you get what I give & that’s how I roll.

Some of these potholders are fresh from my hook & others have been around for a little while. 

Clicking on the name of the potholder will take you to my Ravely project page (full of pattern notes & good stuff), if there is an online link, I will put it in somewhere after the name :)

1: Lilac this was a study in over dyeing yarn & a tribute to our late bloomer  lilac shrubs. I used sock yarn & the something pretty block by Mille. 

2: Mitered Square used this modular pattern & added a garter border.

3: Pale Roses a Japanese pattern.

4: Chrysanthemum another Japanese pattern.

5: #23 and another Japanese pattern.

6: Cabbage Love used this Tunisian (afghan) pattern & cross stitched a fat cabbage on it! I do really ♥ cabbage!

7: Granny you can get this look using any granny square. (P.S working color like this is a total pain in the ass)  

8: Scottie the original pattern uses thread, but I made mine in worsted cotton. I ♥ him…all JUMBO & awesome!  Found an archived version of this pattern here!  (I Linked it up on Ravelry page too!) ..be impatient! (click it!)

9: PH Sachiyo another Japanese pattern, this one is from the American book: Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Lacy Crochet. (full of excellent patterns!)

10: Woven a very unusal German topflappen pattern from here (yes it’s in German but you’ll get the general idea from the pictures :)

11: Flower yes, yes another Japanese pattern.   

12: Scallops one of my very favorite patterns.

13: Meat I am disgusted & in love at the same time! I used this AWESOME chart from Lady Linoleum.



4 thoughts on “Potholders on Parade

  1. ALL of your potholders are beautiful, Amanda. Naturally, I’m partial to the STEAK!!!! Love it and must make one! How perfect would this be as a hostess gift when attending a bar-be-cue?


  2. I discovered your blog through Ravelry (thank you for sharing your patterns…can’t wait to start “Westside Apartment”). I just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying this post.
    :-)These are wonderful. I can’t wait to make the steak pot holder for my brother!



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