secret things

I am always super excited at least a month before the holidays, but once they are over..I AM DONE! I seriously need to tear down this Christmas House & put back up Regular Old House…


But first a few secret things I had been working on as Christmas presents…

A petite shawl for my petite Grandma, just a little hug when ever she needs it. It’s a Japanese pattern from this lovely book & can be found on Ravelry too (click the photo & it will take you to my ravelry project page :)


 And for my Sister I stitched up a jewelry frame, she is a collector of vintage jewelry and I thought what a lovely way for her to display her favorite pieces. I loosely based it off this Lion Brand frame. I went with a different stitch & their assembly was a bit bulky for my frame, I didn’t use batting, cardstock or double-sided tape, I just stretched and stapled the crocheted lace over the back & using spray adhesive attached a piece of fabric to the wood backboard. Then pressed it into the frame (it was a really old wood frame covered with a plaster resin so it didn’t have any sort of sensible way to attach the backing board so I just nailed it on! (again click the photos to go to my ravelry project page :) do I need to keep saying that?!?

 I also made her a creepy sweet cicada brooch.



Also for my sis a set of spoon garden markers, I have a deep love for old silverware, I have accumulated such a hoard of it & finally have a way to put it to good use. Don’t you just love the beauty of the rustic tarnished silver so elegantly detailed, smashed flat and embossed with blocky lead type…too perfect!

These were not easy or fun to make, could be it was freezing outside where I was working & I was super picky about my results, as these were going to be gifts…no hammer marks, must be perfectly flat, no scratches, scuffs or scrapes, no double images, perfect spacing (still need to work on that) & keep the patina. Basically I made it so nobody wanted to help me, for fear of f-ing up the damn spoons! No man hammering! Although my daughter braved the weather & my mood, to help me smash them good.

EDIT: I would put up a tutorial on how I did these, but there are plenty of great ones already online…like here and here! I used this cheap set of metal punches that I found on amazon, I was already ordering things from them so it came to me with free shipping! YIPPY!

May the new year kiss you softly & bring peace everywhere in 2012




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