What’s been keeping you?

Tokyo Cream Shawl
Thoroughly love struck lace ♥ unbelievably flawless shaping all tenderly grounded with beautifully substantial garter …utter perfection in wool.
Pattern: Tiger Lily Shawl

Pink Sugar Frais
I am crazy sweet on this double brimmed, subtle waffle textured, buttery soft, bubblegum colored hat made of SUGAR!
Pattern: frais

Double Frosting
Delicious pattern meets perfectly scrumptious yarn, a plump double loop of plush love ♥
Pattern: Kiss Of Frost Scarves and Cowls

No realistic rodent colors for Lex .. softly blue and candy tailed ♥
Pattern: Rats!

Lady Extraordinaire
Peaceful to work, flattering to wear and fully customizable to any size or yarn (omg) I couldn’t ask for anything more exquisitely ladylike ♥
Pattern: Caramel Frappé

MY FAVORITE (take my breath away) YARN ♥ E.V.E.R.
Colour Adventures by Elena Nodel (Anadiomena on Ravelry)
I think I love you!

Quite possibly the most kaleidoscopically beautiful and awful tasting watermelon we’ve ever had ..aww bye bye summer!

While it’s no secret Jason and I are by no means model groundskeepers, in fact we prefer to let everything be a bit more natural, a bit overgrown, a bit purposefully tousled. It’s that kind of unkempt magic we find irresistible ..no apologies ..no chemicals ..just a cozy love filled home all wrapped up in dreamy charm. I hope you are getting thoroughly lost in living and NOT in yardwork!


Wild Clover for Bees and Bunnies

It’s been far too long since starting this, a little while back a good friend and I began dreaming again of our beekeepers quilts and how much we loved our projects, but had let the blurgs & blahs keep us from them. Now I am finding a revived love for working the small peaceful puffs (slow and steady)

..and so it all begins ..again :)

I’ve designed this little Wild Clover Chart for all of us puff makers ..or really for anybody who wants something completely pretty to stitch on my Merit Badge pattern ..or anything else that needs some instant vintage sweetness ♥ (you can click the above image to get the free Wild Clover Chart PDF download :)

I seem to be putting it on everything..

 ..now so can you ♥ 

Patterns to make the bunnies : Boy bunny with a piebald patch & bunny girl in a dotty dress both by Julie Williams of little cotton rabbits. ♥