This Became This

A review of sorts…

- This (creamy banana sublime with speckled koigu)
became this (creamed color)
pattern: Color Therapy by Lena Fedotova

 - This (silk & cotton kudo)

became this (rhubarb stripe)
pattern: Lente by Monika Sirna

- This (bulky blue wad of cascade eco +)
became this (big blue cocoon of gorgeous craziness for Lex)
pattern: Cabernet Infinity Scarf – aran by Monika Sirna
- This (cinnamon cotton)
became this (amazing swirling layer of shelly tunisian crochet)
 pattern: Tunisian Shell Blanket by Lena Fedotova
 ..Oh yeah then there was this (squishy cute, super warm, wicked fast ♥ everything I love in a winter knit, with a pom-pom on top!) we were -13° F yesterday!
pattern: Pogonip Hat by Monika Sirna

 ..Which became my new favorite ♥

For Gram

Our hearts are completely broken, the tears are constantly streaming with all the love and sadness as we say goodnight to our sometimes terrible, always wonderful Good Boy Gram. too bubsy too xoxo