surprisingly productive

..not really, well kind of ..maybe?
AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 1I made myself a thing! (a planner like thing!) While I never really considered myself busy enough to require any sort of organization system (besides the occasional TO DO list or grocery list and I usually just scrawled the info onto bits of paper and tucked them in pockets ..often lost and then found ..always too late) Once I found a list months later “REMEMBER: change light bulb, chow mein” hum.. these were important enough to require a write down, but REALLY, did I REALLY need to remind myself  to change that bulb or what I wanted to cook for supper that night and ultimately I lost this list so what the hell did we end up eating in the dark!?! But lets face it I am a list maker, a jotter down of ideas, a forgetter of dates and I loose stuff, so I’m kind of hoping this ends up being a thing I will use. Not to mention, I’ve always had an ridiculous obsession with paper products & stationary, pens & pencils, a complete sucker for cute & kooky office products (minus the actual office!)
AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 3I styled it after the ever popular travelers notebook system, but I wanted it to be very me, which meant cute and lots of pockets! I happen to have made all of the notebooks and folders for this, but I did want to have the option for buying premade notebooks if I didn’t feel like making my own.
AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 2(larger Moleskine cahier and junior legal pads will fit in here!)
This was the very first one I made and it will hold roughly 3 notebooks and 2 folders without any bulge out ..just barely though! AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 4AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 5I got smarter with the second one (made for a friend) .. a smidge larger all around so more goodies could be tucked inside, super cute Kokka lucky penguin fabric  & improved vinyl sewing with business card pockets!
AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 7Oh and just because this will help motivate me .. a new pen & lead holder from Kaweco ♥
AMANDA OCHOCKI mydori 8ok now I’m ready to do this thing!


food for thought

I make bags all sorts, I also make all kinds of buttony badges for my bags and apparently I don’t mind making two tone linen stitch in lace weight. It seems finishing the 3 year scarf has created a mini obsession in my brain with this stitch. P.S the pulls on that bag are glow jelly yarn and smell like peppermint! (100% the reason why I bought it ..uses are seriously limited!)

Marshmallow Linen

Just because I can never have enough of all of the above,  I am knitting a bag to carry around my knitting (haha) jelly pulls couldn’t handle this, maybe instead I’ll sew in a pink zipper, possibly topped off with a pink moon badge and some inappropriate cross stitching ..I honestly don’t know if I am cool enough to pull off a swear bag or if I even want to be that kind of cool?!? I am 50/50 love hating on this anyways, not sure if the linen stitch is working in this worsted marshmallow looking yarn, it’s more beefy than I would like and almost feels like I’d be caring around my junk in a towel ..heavy.. and I didn’t even think of how gross a white project bag would get :(


Now thinking of actual food and it’s a weird meal! They are especially prone to happen when I am in a snacky mood and want a little bit of everything in the house (or if there is NOTHING in the house). So easy to take it to the next level when you’ve grocery shopped hungry and you’ve bought all kinds of good (or bad depending on how you rate your snacks) eats and the decision on what one thing to have is impossible because you want a little taste of every delicious thing! Thankfully 83% of the time I think of fresh vegetables as yummy snacks, but I have been known to have just a plate of chips or a doughnut hole lunch ..and I’m ok with that :)