three year scarf

I am kind of in love with knitting that looks like weaving .. even if it takes me 3 years to make!

Loads of perfectly tiny knots, all lined up nice and neat, keeping things tidy .. worth every moment of 3 years!

In the beginning I was fearful that it would become tedious and that I would fixate on quickly finishing and then get pissy that it was taking so long. But really it has calmed me towards the idea of keeping an ongoing unfinished project (not something I usually do) and just working on it whenever .. three years later, turns out I’m perfectly OK having a long lagging project hanging around, in fact I kind of let it lax even more so because I had no predetermined end date in my head ..nice!
(Working with koigu always helps ♥)

Honestly though, I am still very much a monogamous knitter .. who may soon be starting another three year scarf !


AMANDA OCHOCKI + chalklegs Lilac porch

Our BIG Lilacs are swallowing the porch! ..Jason routinely picks up a LITTLE inch worm shoulder hitchhiker as he squeezes through the tiny path leading out (cute & gross!)

Amanda Ochocki ChiaGoo big and little


haha an obscenely BIG Tunisian crochet hook ..that I partly bought for the pure absurdity of it (makes me giggle every time I look at it!)

© AMANDA OCHOCKI + chalklegs tiny sweater cheers

A very LITTLE sweater (made for the shops restroom key)

A BIG beautiful pile of Colour Adventures coop yarn ♥
(how can I fit more yarn in this LITTLE house?!?)