documenting less complex

I am always taking pictures of the stuff I make (mostly for a visual record, because my mental recollection is pretty pathetic). I take photos of the yarn I buy, the knits I’m working on, the balance of colors, the texture me it’s just as aesthetically beautiful as nature.
AMANDA OCHOCKI Vintage knitting needles..but rarely do I document where I spend my time or what I surround myself with. I love looking at photos trying to make out what’s in the background. Lets start something! AMANDA OCHOCKI my little cart brimming with mess & ideasDOCUMENTING LATE NIGHT KNITTING: Having a crazy huge latte in an absurdly unmanageable sized mug (actual size/no sleep tonight!) my little cart brimming with mess & ideas, all illuminated by a guaranteed to last 22.5 years led bulb (really?!?) in a now wonky lamp the cat messed up while chasing a ladybug. (that pink stick is my FAVORITE lead holder/pencil!)AMANDA OCHOCKI Dining room Nov 2015DOCUMENTING 84% COMPLETE: Finally getting around to my windows 10 upgrade ..and the waiting ..realizing we seriously need to dust, made even more noticeable because of a dreaded finger swipe :/ P.S creepy clown BONUS! (Jason bought me a kitchenaid stand mixer for my birthday back in March and Lex is the only one who has ever used it (like 3 times) it lives under that quilted tent on the counter ..sorry honey ♥)
AMANDA OCHOCKI storage bag addicted yarn hoar on a tootsie bingeDOCUMENTING CONFESSIONS: Storage bag addicted wool hoar on a tootsie binge. (this yarn x 4 or 5 ..maybe 6)
AMANDA OCHOCKI Artroom Nov 2015 a messDOCUMENTING I HAVE LOTS OF STUFF: Collecting in messy piles, I have everything I ever or never want to make! (TRUTH: I ALWAYS have to tidy up before I can get creative and then by the time I am all done tidying, I have lost the mojo, so I turn out the lights and head back downstairs to my lazy end of the couch).
AMANDA OCHOCKI living room Nov 2015 (2)DOCUMENTING MY VIEW: From the lazy end of the couch.
AMANDA OCHOCKI living room Nov 2015 (1)DOCUMENTING WHY YOU DON’T TAKE A SECOND PICTURE: Especially in the dark, especially when you are home alone and especially if you’re a natural chicken, possible chances of capturing something that will freak you out ..100%

living on popcorn ♥

 AMANDA OCHOCKI Fall 2015 ochocki (1)definitely fall . love the season change . don’t mind the leaves

AMANDA OCHOCKI Fall 2015 ochocki (2)

 We used to rake, bag and haul load after load to the local compost, blisters, dusty leaf crunch in every cuff and fold, cold rosy cheeks but still somehow sweaty ..ugh I’ll pass! Allowing ourselves to relax towards the outdoors has made us more conscientious yard keeps, loving our nature very natural, no sprays, no bags, no extra muss or fuss, mulch mowing and minor trimming are about the extent of our fall clean up ..because really the continual chorale hum of the neighborhood leaf blowers association is outrageous at times. (real phenomenon – fake association)
Shut the windows, turn up the volume and eat more popcorn ♥ plump knitting looks sort of popcorny!

Ok ..obviously I’m going to go off on a popcorn tangent, because really it’s one of my most favorite foods and I’m kind of passionate about it (seriously). I’m popcorn particular, just ask Jason the master corn popper ..aka stove slave! I waver between white and yellow, crunch factor/salt ratio/oil all need to be 100% in balance, always popcorn salt (because it’s micro fine and sticks!), almost always coconut oil (because YUM!). I used to love eating the half popped old maids, but now that job has passed to Lex and her young teeth. I like it slightly “done” not to the point of burnt, but I am good with some tan pieces. I have been known to have a popcorn supper, stovetop popping only (well, the locally made Nordic Ware microwave popcorn bowl was a complete game changer for me ♥). When I was a kid my mom would save the pan drippings from breakfast and that night I would make my dad popcorn with the bacon grease (childhood me loved it, sitting with my dad on the couch shoving in salty handfuls, adult me is kind of nauseated at the thought, but also kind of curious what it would taste like now?). I passed the popcorn love to Lex (minus the bacon grease), so many years snuggled up on the couch shoving in handfuls together ♥ kiki popcorn

My new popcorn buddy, kiki the popcorn cat (she smells it and comes running).  She is popcorn particular too, she only likes the puffy ends. We have a little popcorn farmer just 15 min west of us that grows and handpicks roughly 2,000 lbs each season, so fresh perfect corn is always available ♥ (Clem’s)

Leave the leaves, snuggle in and make some memories xox