Pocket full of shells n’ stuff

♥ a little briny salty sea for my land locked heart ♥

I couldn’t help but make a super tiny thread one too, just because ♥

pattern: She Sells Sea Shells by Thomasina Cummings Designs

that’s little girl chalklegs up in the right corner (I’m a girl version of my dad) ..nothing good ever comes from putting a tomboy in a velvet lederhosen style dress for school pictures ..sweetly disheveled ♥♥

It has been months in the making, there was blood (f’ing treadle sewing machine, a dialed in husband rescue, I ♥ you!) and scattered days of doing absolutely nothing ..being moody and intently lazy never helps! But my workspace/art room/chalklegs studio is sorted and the no longer dusty gears are livening up, I‘ve done a little sewing, with lots of daydreaming in here :)

It just feel so nice to walk in and see tidy organization (this consisted of pairing like things together .. haha!) not an easy task in a room that is one big collection of random weird things. We have mayonnaise jars (oh yes they are vintage tin top miracle whips!) of unused men’s dress shoelaces from the 40/50s, an out of control grouping of glues and glue like products (come on adhesive engineers, make something that is out of this world amazing, that doesn’t stink, works on everything, holds like steel and won’t melt away my brain ..ONE GLUE TO RULE THEM ALL!) there are bins of doll parts, cheesy things from my youth (the 80s fricken totally ROCKED!), stacks of old keys, baby teeth, all cohesively (at least in my minds kooky aesthetic) mixed in, next to spools of vintage lace, antique victorian photos, beautiful cotton fabrics, and mason jars filled with grandmas buttons
(not my granny, but someones!)

I got rid of a lot, but there is still a lot tucked in here ..I love being swallowed wholly in this space ..turn up the music and make something!

 ..enter potholder, yes It’s that time again, you can find all the 2014 potholder swap details here! This year (well..I guess like always) I’m using cotton thread and I’m going with a pattern that is so beautifully understated and peaceful to work, I cannot get enough of its swirling layer cake texture ..very tarte tatin ala pineapple upside down cake YUMMY! (I’m sure you remember the Tunisian Shell blanket ♥)
yes that, just a tiny-ed up potholder version!

head like a hat

My husband has a fantastic head and to that he loves a great hat, all styles, all sorts. Our daughter ..adorable.. (I can think a 19 year old is still adorable right!?!) with her fantastic hair and like her daddy a fantastic head for a hat. There was never a lack of enthusiasm towards a new chapeau coming off the needles, she would scoop it up and dash off the very second it was finished ♥ ..but me, I never considered myself much of a hat person (except seasonally as a kid, in my purple and white thick ribbed E.T. hat, but really as an adult, never.)

I always thought it was a hair thing, either I didn’t want to mess it up and static charge the frizz or it was that pixie cut, that made my big head look big weird in a hat!? ..but really, I thinking maybe it was I just never found that perfect hat, that wonderful hat that makes me feel so perfectly me ♥ a little sexy, a little quirky, a little sadly sweet “please love me“, and oh yes just a little tude.

- Hats On -
Hats Off (pattern: Lutz Jump by Monika Sirna)

- Hats On -
Hats Off (pattern: Eupatorium Hat by Corrina Ferguson)

- Hats On -
Hats Off (pattern: Memoirs by Melissa Schaschwary)

- Hats On -
I’m romanced by this one so much, and recently I did something I had never done ..wore a hat as part of an outfit and not just something to be removed upon arrival! (I will admit I got kind of sweaty warm wearing it (hot blooded female + sweaty head = kinda gross) and thought “crap now what ..I can’t exactly take it off and somehow NOT have super f’d up shabby hair! I endured for fashions sake ..rosy cheeked and all ♥)

Hats Off (pattern: Nollie Hat by Monika Sirna)

I truly hope you never start to mind my sesame street like posts