Year Two

trafficThis was our fifth trip out and we will never get used to it taking 30+ minutes to travel a half mile.blooming

Deep in the city, Boston was beautifully in bloom ..what a gorgeous view our girl had, you can almost see her waving from the 2nd floor! HI chachi  ♥


Touring around .. such architecture

buildbostonwe will never get used to a city with so much design and history packed into the tiniest of spaces.


It went from 94ºF in Northampton (HELLO WEBS!) to right around 55ºF on the coast south of Boston. “Winds in the east, mist coming in, like something is brewing about to begin.”

MidwesternskiesWhile we may never fully get used to thick city air, bustling city streets or the organized disorder, it is slowly becoming comfortably familiar (less and less swears with each trip!) Another year notched in, we are 3 in tow, homeward towards Midwestern skies, flat lands and reliable quiet ♥

spring web

Lace like wool webs, limey yellow color, dotted with specks of pink glass.

Never having used beads in my knits before .. now it’s all I want!

Vintage flower corsage (bought at auction) delicate handwritten note pinned to the backside “Ruth’s from her Cotillion Ball, she made it herself” sweet.. thanks Ruth ♥

 I should hope to feel every bit as grand, wearing it ♥